Afterschool Clubs at Saltdean Primary


PLAY at Saltdean will be based in the South Hall, School Lane. We believe this is an excellent, flexible environment that the children can use and discover. We will have multiple activities running in each of our specific age appropriate zones including outdoor activities. 

Each day there will be two childcare options: a creative, sporting or free PLAY childcare that finishes at 4.30pm. We also have an extended childcare option that will continue with a later pick up time of 6pm. We have already increased our available number of places to meet demand.

A light snack and tea will be available for children staying until 6pm, or you can provide your own.

Outdoors activities will require all children to have an appropriate jacket in the winter due to indoor space being at a premium. 

April 2019 Guide Pricing:

Pricing will be adjusted according to half term length. Annual increases will apply from April 2020.

4.30pm Pick up = £7.50

6pm Pick up = £13

Autumn term 1 - is a 6 week term 

Autumn term 2 - is a 7 week term


Spring term 1 - is a 6 week term 

Spring term 2 - is a 6 week term


Summer term 1 - is a 7 week term 

Summer term 2 - is a 7 week term

Brighton and Hove Term Dates 2018-2019:

All creative, sporting or structured activities will run from 3.00pm to 4.30pm.

If your child attends an existing club at the school, not run by PLAY but you would like them to attend our childcare after their club has finished, please contact us. 

Adhoc bookings:

We are happy to take adhoc bookings until 1pm on the day via email, however places are limited. Please ensure payment is recieved in full on the day and all details on the application form are completed. We will be unable to complete the booking until this is done. Please check the website for availability. 

Link to our online registration - 


Payments recieved in advance will benefit from a 10% early-bird discount. Families with 2 or more children booked into sessions will receive a 10% discount on the second child. Payments using the Government's Childcare Voucher scheme are now available and details are attached to our invoice. All major childcare vouchers are accepted.

Late fees:

If you are running late please make sure you contact us as early as you can on 07392 735 891 - we understand this is unavoidable sometimes. However you will be charged for the next session at the Adhoc price up until 6pm. After 6pm you will be charged £10 for every 15 minutes. Please note this is at the discretion of PLAY.

The early bird discount will be taken away from invoice that are not paid in advance of the due date.